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Wedding Morning Tips from a Bridal Makeup Artist.

What to expect on the morning of your wedding.

Check out the below tips to help your wedding morning run smoothly.

The number of people there are in your bridal party having hair and makeup done will determine the start time of your hair and makeup artists.

I like to allow one hour per person for makeup on the wedding morning.

Hair can sometimes take less time depending on what you are having done you should discuss hair timings with your hair stylist during your trial.

Make sure you inform your hairdresser beforehand if anyone wants clip in hair extensions added so they can allow extra time.

Your hair should be dry, and the bridesmaids should have inspiration pictures so that they can show the stylist what kind of style they want.

If your ceremony is at 1pm I always like to have everyone ready one hour before the ceremony start time.

Sometimes if you are getting ready at home and you have to travel to the venue you might like to allow a little more time.

If you are staying in a hotel and are having your ceremony in the same hotel then you’ll want to be done with hair & makeup one hour before the ceremony start time.

This hour allows you the time to get into your dress, have some photos with your bridesmaids and have a glass of bubbly to calm those nerves before making your grand entrance.

Sometimes you have to meet the registrar a few minutes before the ceremony to verify ID so you also need to factor this into the schedule.

If you had a 2pm ceremony and there are 4 people in your bridal party wanting makeup then the day would go something like this.

8.45am Artist arrives to set up

9.00am Bridesmaid makeup

10.00am Bridesmaid makeup

11.00am Bride makeup

12.00pm Bridesmaid makeup

1.00pm Last minute touch ups for the bridal party

2.00pm Ceremony

Usually hair and makeup work alongside each other so whilst one person is having makeup the other can be having hair. You don’t need to allow any extra time for hair.

It is really important that no one is late on the wedding morning and ideally you should have all of the bridal party in the same location as hair and makeup, so as soon as they are finished working on one person they can start the next.

There should always be a bottom on the chair when the hair/makeup artist is ready, so although the above schedule gives you a rough idea of times it should just be a rough guide.

I like to allow one hour per person for makeup.

I know some people say they can work quicker but personally I feel the makeup on a wedding day should not be rushed. The last thing you need on your wedding morning is people rushing and running out of time, it creates stress which you do not need on your wedding morning.

Having the extra hour after to play with also allows for interruptions which there will be many of.

You will no doubt be interrupted by your florist coming in to show you the flowers, members of your family will be stopping by your room to wish you well and the photographer will be asking you questions and wanting to know where items are that he/she is going to be photographing.

It’s a good idea to have an area of the getting ready room clear of clutter so the photographer can use the space to take photographs of your wedding items such as your dress, shoes, perfume, jewelry and any gifts that you want included in your wedding album.

As a makeup artist my preferred spot to set up is in front of a window so I can make use of any natural light coming through. A small table is also needed so I am unable to unpack my kit and have a work space.

Your hairdresser will usually set up in front of a mirror and will need a plug socket close by, if they are organized they may bring their own extension lead.

Once the lipstick touch ups are all done, then I usually pack away to give you all a bit of privacy to get dressed.

If you have more people in your bridal party, then the start times become earlier.

I have been known to start some weddings at 5am so if you are not a fan of early mornings and you have a large bridal party then make sure you plan your ceremony time later in the afternoon.

Having a ceremony at 11am, needing to be ready by 10am and having just 3 bridesmaids can mean starting at 5.45am.

If I am travelling more than one hour’s drive and my day requires an early start then I will often request accommodation the night before.

This is usually at your venue or somewhere close by.

The reason for this is to give us both peace of mind that the morning traffic is not going to delay me. Motorways and accidents are often out of our hands so I much prefer travelling down the evening before so that I have peace of mind that I will be ready to start work bright, early and fresh and hopefully this will also give you peace of mind too.

Remember to relax and enjoy your wedding morning, stay hydrated and don’t forget to eat, it can often be a long time until the wedding breakfast.

Sometimes a nice playlist of your favorite songs can help create a nice ambience in the room.

Don’t be afraid to delegate jobs to your bridesmaids if you need something doing.

This is your day and probably the only day where you will be allowed to give out orders with no one blinking an eye.

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