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How to plan a Festival Themed Wedding

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

The growing trend for festival style weddings is on the rise.

Festival weddings are informal and relaxed, without any pomp and circumstance.

You can basically throw that wedding rule-book right out! This means the day can be all about you as a couple and the things you love. From live music to street food vans, flower crowns to hay bales - the options are endless. What’s more, you can make the party last longer by turning the wedding into a weekend-long event with on-site camping and an after party chill-out. In short, there is literally no limit to how fabulous a festival wedding can be.

Here are my top tips for planning the perfect festival themed wedding.

1) Pick a theme

This could be circus fun, shabby chic or even Glastonbury glam. Once you’ve decided on your theme, this should filter into every part of your wedding planning; from invitations through to the venue. For instance, if you decide on a music-festival style wedding, you could send tickets instead of invitations, wrist bands for the drinks bar, and even have your favourite tribute act perform in the evening.

2) Choose a venue:

Outdoor weddings and tipis are a great way to create a festival vibe. Country houses, tents, marquees, country barns, castles and fields also work well. Most local farmers will rent out a field for a small fee which could save you lots of money with no need to hire a pricey venues. Check out the Tipis at Riley Green for the perfect festival style venue.

3) The Dress:

Opt for a boho style wedding dress with flower garlands in the hair.

You could pair the dress with sparkly converse trainers, customised wellies of elegant sandles.

The groom could wear a tweed suit with a waistcoat and wedding wellies.

When choosing flowers to compliment your dress go for wild flowers or rustic bouquets.

4) Food & drink:

You could opt for a buffet, have a hog roast or use food vans.

Hot dog/burger vans, pop corn stalls, Ice-cream vans and candy floss stalls all work well at a festival themed wedding. Not only is this a cheaper way to feed your guests it also adds a great festival vibe to your day.

Serve local beer and wine in kegs.

5) Entertainment and decor ideas

  • Flip flops or wellies for the guests

  • Serve local beer and wine in kegs

  • Bunting and festival flags work well as décor ideas

  • Hay bales work well for seating

  • Lots of fairly lights in the marquee

  • Hire a VW Van for your wedding transport

  • Have festival style signage and lanyards with wedding timings on

  • Hire a retro themed photo booth

  • Hire giant outdoor games such as jenga and chess to keep the kids entertained

And last but not least...

No festival themed wedding would be complete without a Glitter Bar.

Glitter Bars are fun, sparkly, they get guests mingling – and need I say more, everyone looks great doused in glitter!


The guys can have glitter beards, glitter moustaches and glitter brows.

Glitter Bar's are great fun and an absolute must for a festival themed wedding.

If you would like more information on our Glitter Bar please visit our website.

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