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Amy & Paul's Wedding at the Victoria Warehouse, Manchester.

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

If Carlsberg did weddings….

The venue was the Victoria Warehouse in Manchester.

The Victoria Warehouse is a completely unique and entirely innovative event space in the heart of Manchester.

It has exposed walls, stone floors and a raw urban backdrop; the simplicity of this venue provides a stunning setting for a wedding.

Built in the early 1900s as predominantly a cotton storage facility, the warehouse buildings have stood as a symbol of the city’s industrial strength and innovation for around 100 years. Careful renovations have taken place to make it into a venue that will capture the imagination and create a surprisingly romantic backdrop for many couples.

It’s not very often I get to work with non traditional brides so it was great seeing all of Amy’s wedding plans come together.

The morning started in a hotel close by the Victoria Warehouse where myself and Lilly worked our magic with makeup and hair. I had the bride Amy, three bridesmaids and the grooms mother to get ready.

Amy wanted a soft glam look for her wedding day and I used the Airbrush foundation on her.

It’s always a good choice on a hot day as it is a silicone based formula which is totally waterproof and sweat proof.

Each of the bridesmaids choose their own unique look. One of them never wore makeup so I kept her makeup fairly light and natural so as not to shock her or make her feel uncomfortable and the one of the other girls loved wearing makeup so I went a bit more glam on her and focussed on her beautiful eyes.

The photographer Alexandra Holt arrived to capture the morning bridal prep and worked away in the background whilst the ladies were getting ready. It was a lovely morning full of laughter.

As the hotel was just across the road from the Victoria Warehouse the bride hadn’t factored in a wedding car as it seemed pointless getting a car for a one minute journey so the conversation of the morning turned to...shall we get a uber or should we just walk?

The girls decided to keep in with the non traditional wedding theme and walk to the venue.

Amy had the most amazing Christian Laboutin heels, which were again non traditional wedding shoes as they were red print but I must admit they looked very cool. I have no idea how she managed to walk in them but she did so with grace.

I hope you enjoy looking at some of the pictures from the day.

If you are looking for inspiration for a wedding venue based in the North West, check out my blog where I feature many venues and real life weddings from across the North West.

Suppliers from the day:

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