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A Wedding at Bashall Barn, Clitheroe

Wind, Laughter, and Love for the Wedding of Sara & James at Bashall Barn.

The wind howled outside Bashall Barn in Clitheroe, but inside, a different kind of energy buzzed. 

It was the long awaited wedding day for Sara and James.

Inside, the air crackled with excitement (and maybe a touch of hairspray!) as I arrived bright and early to find the bride and her bridesmaids already up and getting their hair done. It was clear these girls were more than just wedding party members; they were a close-knit group ready to celebrate their friend's big day.

For Sara, the focus was on enhancing her natural beauty.   Her already lovely skin needed minimal coverage, so I opted for a lightweight foundation that evened out her tone without masking her natural glow. Delicate lashes added a touch of flutter, and perfectly groomed brows framed her face. To complete the look, a hint of bronzer warmed her complexion, a soft sweep of blush added a touch of colour to the cheeks, and finally, the ever-popular Pillow Talk lipstick provided the perfect finishing touch, adding a timeless elegance to her lips.

A Relaxed Morning with Stunning Results

Despite the pre-wedding jitters that often come with the territory, the morning unfolded with a sense of calm. As I worked my magic on their makeup, the girls chatted, popped champagne (mimosas for the early birds!), and reminisced about their friendship. The laughter was contagious, and it was a joy to be a part of their pre-wedding ritual.

Clitheroe's Rustic Charm

Clitheroe, nestled in the heart of the Ribble Valley, is a popular spot for weddings. And for good reason! Bashall Barn, with its rustic charm, rolling hills and beautiful surroundings, provides a unique and picturesque setting for a wedding day.

To truly capture the magic of Sara's natural beauty and the overall wedding atmosphere at Bashall Barn, check out these gorgeous pictures by Dan & Arron from Duopix Photography!

To see more of their stunning work, visit their website.

Thank you for visiting my blog! To view more real weddings and gain some inspiration for your wedding day, check out my other blog posts! Much love Nicola xxx

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