The number one secret to a stress free wedding.

Scheduling ample hair and makeup time for you and your bridesmaids.

By including enough prep time in your wedding day schedule, you’ll arrive at the ceremony venue relaxed and ready to go, with plenty of time to spare. Otherwise, if hair and make up run late, everything else will be behind schedule for the rest of the day. So, to help you make it to the church on time, follow my getting-ready guide.

The first question I usually get asked by brides is how long will the make up take…

I have decided to give you a little breakdown of what to expect on your wedding day and how to plan timings for hair and make up.

I like to allow 45-60 minutes per person for make up on your wedding day.

Although it may not always take a full hour to make everyone up, this time allows for interuptions with florists, photographers, friends and family on the day.

I know some make up artists will tell you they can work quicker and fit more in but as this is your special day do you really want your make up artist and hair stylist rushing?

The last thing you need on your big day is any stress so I find it is much better when you don’t work to such a tight schedule.

On the day of your wedding, I come to either your home or your wedding venue depending on where you are getting ready. It is always useful to have a small table placed near a window from which I can work from. It usually takes me around 15 minutes to unpack and set up my kit and lighting.

It is always better to have natural lighting when applying make up, this is why I like to be near a window if possible.

I will always bring my own adjustable chair with me and makeup light incase it’s a dark overcast day.

I allow one hour per person for make up application, this time includes the tidying up of my work station and cleaning brushes in between clients.

For large weddings of 8 or more people I can provide an extra makeup artist to help me on the day.

I am happy to work alongside hairstylists on the day so if you have a mobile hair stylist we can work together and swap clients as we go.
I am happy to recommend a bridal hairstylist for you if you should need one.

I usually advise the bride to have her make up done 2nd to last on the day so her make up looks fresh and if for some reason we should ever run over time (it has never happened yet) then at least it will not be the bride who is effected by this.

A sample schedule for a wedding party of 5 

Bride, 3 bridesmaids and mother of the bride.

Wedding time 1pm

6.45am Make up artist arrives to set up

7am Mother of bride make up / Bridesmaid 1 Hair

8am Bridesmaid 1 make up/ Mother of the bride hair

9am Bridesmaid 2 make up/ Bride hair

10am Bride make up/ Bridesmaid 3 hair

11am Bridesmaid 3 make up/ Bridesmaid 2 Hair

12pm All of the wedding party must be ready with hair and make up finished.

You will have 1 hour to spare to get into your dress, have photographs and of course have a glass of bubbly to calm those nerves.

This hour will also allow for lipstick touch ups.

So ladies if you have a large bridal party and you are still at the planning stage, please remember to factor in these timings and try not to book your ceremony too early.

Quite often I start at 6am for weddings but that doesn’t mean the bride has to be up at 6am.
Delegate either a mother or bridesmaid to go first so you get to have a lie in ♥