Bridal Makeup and why you should book a professional.

Ladies when booking your Bridal Makeup artist it is really important to look for someone who has a lot of experience and knows what products work best for professional photography.

Using the wrong products such as illuminating foundations/concealers, foundations with a high spf and certain powders can all cause a horrible white patchy flashback when you are having your photos taken.
This is because the products all contain light reflecting particles which are a big no, no for flash photography.
As your wedding is the most photographed day of your life make sure you choose someone who knows what they are doing or if you are doing your own wedding makeup have a read of this article.
I would hate to see anyones wedding pictures come back looking like the pictures below.

Cosmetics that cause flash back

Your Bridal Makeup Artist will also be able to advise you on timings.
If someone is not that experienced with working on weddings they may find this tricky or not leave you with enough time to get everyone ready.
Getting the timings right for hair and makeup is so important and can ultimately lead to a stress free or stressfull day. I like to allow 45-60 minutes per person for Makeup on the wedding day.

Following fashions and trends
Trends such as contouring and heavy brows should be avoided on your wedding day.
Your photos are going to last a lifetime and trends don’t last so my advice would be to choose a classic, timeless bridal look for your wedding day that isn’t going to date.
Enjoy looking back on your photos for many years to come without cringing about dated makeup trends.


Brows frame your face, they can knock years off your look and make you appear perennially polished.
Have your brows shaped a few days before the wedding. If you go to a professional brow bar they will be able to advise on you on what shape will suit your face. If you are not used to plucking brows then leave it to a professional as it is quite easy to get carried away and over pluck your brows too.